Journey with us to the heart of Arklow, where tradition meets contemporary elegance with our Burren selection.

Our selection tells a tale that is both distinctly Irish and universally stylish. Drawing inspiration from a cherished ‘Buren’ watch, found in the labyrinth of Dublin’s City Centre back in the 1980s, earring, necklace and pendant designs are more than mere ornaments. Each piece, meticulously crafted with 18ct gold plating, mirrors the rugged beauty of Ireland’s landscapes and the precision of Swiss timepieces.

Whether you’re seeking the simplicity of a staple or the drama of a statement piece, our Burren selection at John Swan Jewellers in Arklow, Wicklow, offers a fresh look for every season and every soul.

Dive into our stunning selection today, where every earring, necklace, and pendant carries with it a legacy, a sentiment, and a touch of the Emerald Isle!

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